Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

Five indicators that your setlist will SING!

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Dear worship leader, you make these setlists every single week, for 52 weekends a year. Those weekends arrive timely, like a train on schedule. When the setlist is off its mark the train seems to derail. Keeping a setlist on its tracks is what keeps you awake at night. Or, it surely is something you know is important.

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Are you connected with local worship leaders in your area?

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So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. – Galatians 6:9 (NLT)

Last night a bunch of our local area worship leaders met at a restaurant for encouragement and connection. The ten of us represent thousands of worshippers collectively, but only a small portion of those that lead worship in our area. (Over 40 worship leaders connect on our Facebook group page.) Some lead worship as a full-time employee, others are either part-time workers or volunteer entirely at their churches. Some lead at large churches. Some at smaller churches. Worship leaders already are a tribe of cats, so when you also consider the different expressions it may seem hard to find connection. You could not be more wrong to think that. In fact, not only do these connections provide immediate encouragement, they might save your life. After all, there are some hidden things about the role of leading worship that those not in your shoes miss. Let’s not get tired in our work simply because we are not there for each other.

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National Worship Leader Conference: Video about my workshop “Six Hats”

Worship Leader Media interviewed me about the workshop I will be teaching at the National Worship Leaders Conference in Escondido, California next month (October 9-11). Here is a 3-minute cut of that interview. Embedded in the video is a code for 12% off the registration.

EPISODE 16: Beauty – Its not a bad word in worship! – Staci Frenes Interview

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This is Episode 16, September 2012.

My name is Rich Kirkpatrick and you are listening to This podcast is about debunking popular thinking about worship that may be more myth than truth. Presenting a myth each episode, we employ the socratic method with guests from all over the world as we talk about praise and worship. We invite you to join in the conversation.


Oh, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness!
Tremble before Him, all the earth.

Psalm 96:9

Beauty is a word that some of us apparently are afraid of when it comes to worship. Some have said it is not “manly” enough to describe God. Romantic language might be good for some, but there indeed is a sub-culture among some leaders that is calling for an end to God-and-girl-friend lyrics in our songs. I appreciate the discovery and manhood movement. However, beauty is biblical. And, men love beauty! Yes, we love feminine beauty, but we also love the sight of a mountain vista, the expanse of the sea, and the power of a storm raging. Beauty, is not wholly owned by romantic love. Beauty is in the story of a soldier sacrificing for his fighting brothers, saving them in the battle.  Beauty is what makes us inside go “awe” at the sight of it. In fact, that word “awesome” explains the kind of beauty the psalmist speaks of here. Continue reading “EPISODE 16: Beauty – Its not a bad word in worship! – Staci Frenes Interview”

Worship Conference in Oceanside October 13!


The Worship Conference, SoCal on October 13 is a one day event that is very affordable. If you are a smaller church, this might be a time to bring your whole team. Even lunch is included.

Discounts are not a bad thing, right? If you are out west in October here is an event for you worship leaders. On top of being what I think will be a powerful one day event, I’m going myself and would love to meet you. I am teaching two workshops. I would love to see you!


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Besides hosting this podcast, I also have for the last seven years written and published a blog titled “Rich Kirkpatrick’s Weblog” which is now “Rich Kirkpatrick’s Blog.” Here is the scoop:

I launched Rich Kirkpatrick’s Weblog about seven years ago. Back then, “weblog” meant something, and my name was easy to recall since fewer people blogged back in the first decade or the 2000s. But, now its time to rebrand, relaunch and help a whole new crew of readers find me in the noisy world of the WWW. So, my blog “” is now “ and if you forget that, well the 301 redirects will get you here. But, doesn’t that URL rock?!

In 2010 a web developer and friend coded a site and designed the look of my blog for me and I wanted to badly to have the URL When I found out it was available I was so excited until the price tag for bidding started above $2000 for the aged domain. A wholesaler of domains was kind enough to allow me to have a bulk price, even after the sale ended. And, presto, for under $100 I have!

So, PLEASE, if you already link to this blog, please change to If yousubscribe, all feed coding will follow. Thanks to so many of you that have encouraged me to keep writing and who have engaged in meaningful, life-changing conversation these past years. Here is to another seven years…at least!