BIG NEWS: A new place for the conversation

Something new is happening around here. I have been writing about worship leading and issues relating to that online for years now and want to bring that conversation the focus it deserves. So, I am launching soon a site at that will continue this thoughtful discourse about the activity we do each week in our churches.

Now, is not going anyway, it is birthing something new from herself, however!

If you are not familiar with Worship Mythbusters, it is a conversation designed to debunk damaging thinking that gets in the way of our worship in our local church worship services. I have always been baffled as a worship leader, pastor and musician serving in this area about how difficult clarity is to achieve.

But, don’t lose heart because history shows us we are not alone. There were wars started over the moving of church furniture in the past. We may be beyond wars with swords, but have a long way to go still.

So, I am inviting you to participate in this biblical, controversial, and challenging conversation in its next incarnation. And, some of you are going to be crowdsourced on this and will be hearing from me—this is your conversation after all. Please join our Facebook Page and Twitter.

Are you in?

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