Episode #3: Five bad ideas that can make worship services fake

INTRO: Guests and the Socratic Method


Worship Mythbusters is about debunking damaging thinking that gets in the way of our worship. Employing the Socratic method, this podcast explores popular notions that may be more myth than truth.

In today’s show I interview Ben Abu Saada, a fellow worship leader and blogger who is also the co-host of AllAboutWorship.com. Ben and I explore how we have become friends and support to each other through New Media.

Two other worship leaders join me today. Jason Shafer form Indian Wells, CA (AfterTheThrillisGone.blogspot.com & twitter @jasonshafer) and Rob Rash from St. Louis, MO (worshipcohort.com & twitter @robrash/@STL_Cohort). You cannot have a Socratic conversation with one person, so Jason and Rob dig in with me for a roundtable.

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INTERVIEW: Worship Leader Ben Abu Saada

Ben is a worship pastor and communications director at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS. He is also co-host of the podcast AllAboutWorship.com and a Star Wars fan—big time fan.

TODAY’S TOPIC: Five bad ideas that can make worship services fake

Jason, Rob and I discuss these points:

1.     The worship team is performing like they are in a stadium and only 200 people are in the worship center. Just means over-scaling your team, sound and presentation might not be helping you.

2.     There is no context of God’s character, just our experience. We can sing “we worship You” all we want, but who is “You”–a fuzzy God who just makes us feel fuzzy or an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving God who is jealous of us loving anything or one more than Him.

3.    You do the latest song or idea because its the latest song or idea. Content is king in worship, not the buzz of the newest thing. We should be building a local community of worshipers not simply echoing what others are doing.

4.    Worship team members are there more for their talent or to play music and not for their spiritual growth. Sure, hiring the best people makes the music pop, but is that your goal? The story of the messengers or artists on stage is important. They are not just tools, they are real people you put up there.

5.     The goal for the congregation is a feeling, not a transformation. I am all for emotive expression of worship, its just that the goal is that we are formed into the image of Jesus a bit more by all that we do in worship and life. So, to just reduce the outcome to sentiment is just a bad idea. Period.

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OUTRO:  Recap…conversation

We were linked to Jeremy Tallacksen’s site http://facedownworship.tumblr.com where he says, “I just found this brand new website and have been enjoying the content so far.”

David Mantel on Twitter (@DavidMantel) said this: “LOVED the two episodes. Great questions. And I was right there through the whole top 10 list. Well, most of it. “I forgot my capo.” Fail! Ha”

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