Episode #7 – Women in Worship Leadership: Where are they?

Welcome to Worshipmythbusters.com. I am Rich Kirkpatrick, your host. Worship Mythbusters is about debunking damaging thinking that gets in the way of our worship. Employing the Socratic method, this podcast explores popular notions that may be more myth than truth.

My two roundtable guests on this episode are amazing creative leaders, worship leaders and serve on the senior leadership of their respective ministries. I met these two women as part of the recreate conference and think tank in Franklin, TN, founded by Randy Elrod. They are friends of mine, and impressive leaders. With out topic today, they bring an additional expertise beyond being creative leaders, of course. Cynthia Cullen and Kim Bontrager’s stories will encourage and challenge you.

After that, I interview worship pastor Jan Owen of Give Worship Project (www.giveworship.com) who tells the story about her endeavors to help equip and resource indigenous worship leaders around the globe.

TOPIC: Women as Worship Leaders: Where are they?

In the Christian music industry and worship platform alike we see proportionally less women. However in our society in general, half of our performers are women. So, our culture values the story telling and artistic leadership and expression of women.  Why is this so different in the local church?

One obvious reason is the view some have of women in spiritual leadership. This varies widely depending on denomination and theology. However, even when theology is not an issue it seems we still are less willing to have women help lead us in worship, create our worship experience or lead in us the creative arts. The number of CDs with female worship leads is quite lower than those with men. This is a demand issue from those of us in churches who consume worship recordings.

At a worshiptogether.com conference workshop I vividly remember young artist and worship leader Audrey Assad explain from a Roman Catholic experience her views on this. She said that every family needs a mother so every worship team needs a woman. What she said is profound! This issue, I believe, transcends our theological differences. To have women as part of leading worship is to have women as part of leading every one of our families. Our church is our family.

I do not want to get into the debate of Egalitarian views versus Complimentarian views of women in spiritual leadership of the church. (Email or call me and we can chat about what those mean.) That is for another day and another venue. Regardless of your view, it is clear in my opinion that the Bible teaches that women have the same spiritual giftings as men, even if they don’t have the same roles.

In the local church, what are we missing without having women leading our worship? Where are they?


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