EPISODE 11 – Tribute to Mentorship: Rita Springer Interview & Give Away

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Episode 11 is packed full with powerful content, from an inspiring interview with the authentic worship leader and songwriter Rita Springer to a very personal tribute one of my mentors on this week of Thanksgiving. By the way, sorry for my Canadian friends who already had Thanksgiving and turkey–at least in North America we share some similar traditions, although in East San Jose growing up it seemed tamales or raviolis were as common as cranberry sauce. Let’s get right to the show and start with a tribute to a mentor of mine before we get to hear from Rita Springer, a mentor of worship leaders in her own right.

Mentors are important, and Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, so here is a post I wrote on my blog RKWeblog.com over five years ago:

Brad Hansen is someone I have known since I was 19-years-old.  When I got back from a year at music school, I dressed funny and was a bit detached from church life.  Brad met with me, heard my songs and encouraged me to be a part of his ministry.  I did not know what he was doing, but he would let me and others lead parts of songs and gave opportunities to share my original music in front of the whole church–a pretty big church at that.  I wore funny shoes and had funky 1980s hair that was kind of like a member of the band Flock of Seagulls.  With all of my quirks, I was given a place as a volunteer and had the blessing as a young adult to be a part of such a great ministry.

As time passed, I ended up actually being on Brad’s staff team while in school.  I learned so much from Brad and the team he assembled.  For one, Brad is an encourager.  I loved that.  Soon I was getting married and starting my life in ministry.  Not too long after, I remember that Brad encouraged me while being the interim music minister after he had left the church we were both served.  I was so young, yet somehow he believed in me even when others were not as enthusiastic.

Many years have passed.  During this time I have had a friend who cheered my walk, family and ministry that reached across states and time zones.  His example and success in ministry inspires me.  He is one of those persons who I look to for the benchmark of what it is to be a good worship pastor. 

That was five years ago. Even since then, a lot has happened in my life. Just this week, Brad told me about me about a snapshot that often comes to his mind. It is a memory of my wife and I holding hands as newlyweds as we began our journey in life and ministry together.

So, I say let’s be thankful and be like a Brad. A former intern of mine said he wants me to be a part of his life 20 years from now. Imagine that! What we do to pass on to others makes is significant. I remember a guy named Monty who 20 years ago spent an hour with me sharing his organizational skills in running a worship ministry who now runs an amazing ministry search firm called Slingshot. Also, a hamburger with a guy named Rick to here my questions about leading worship is still remembered today–he works for another famous Rick. I remember being introduced to the authentic chile verde burritos in Pleasanton by an older guy who listened well. I think of the past 10 consecutive attending the re:create think tank  with man named Randy Elrod who inspired me to create for God’s glory and connected me to so many amazing fellow creative leaders.

So many stories and snapshots fill my memory and inspire me of people I have loved being with, from interns to volunteers to staff people I hired. Am I a Brad? I want to be. I am thankful that I still have enough time to try to be one. Pass on what you know. Listen and encourage. Be a friend to someone newer on their journey. Happy Thanksgiving.

Now for an interview with Integrity worship artist Rita Springer, a mentor in her own right, who released “The Playlist”. I love this record. In fact, I am doing a giveaway with Integrity Music. If you leave a comment on the WMB site and let me know you want a copy, you will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of her new CD.

Here is Rita Springer, songwriter, worship leader and mentor of women who lead worship. There are more titles I could give her, but let’s listen to a bit of her story.


Yes, I did say she inspires! Now, the postscript for this show needs only a short description. I just released a single titled “Wonder of Worship” which one has said is “like a manifesto” on worship. Feel free to check it out on iTunes or Spotify, etc.

 And remember, enter the drawing by leaving a comment on the podcast post at worshipmythbusters.com.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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