Episode 12 – Christmas Show with special guests Dunn & Wilt


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This is Episode 12, December 2011

Welcome to WorshipMythbuster.com Podcast, I am Rich Kirkpatrick your host.

Worship Mythbusters is about debunking damaging thinking that gets in the way of our worship. Employing the socratic method, this podcast explores popular notions that may be more myth than truth.

Can you believe it! This is the 12th month of this podcast which means a year has gone by before my eyes. The dialog has been important and I am humbled and grateful to facilitate this forum. Remember, this is your conversation.

One brief commercial before we get going. As a “creative” I know that part of my purpose is to create. As a follower of Jesus, this creating flows from things that matter, such as our worship and a particular cause. This winter I am recording a four-song worship project titled “Drink the Divine” and need your help. The proceeds will be given to Doma International once I can fund the actual recording. The desire is that the very process of creating this would be meaningful, which is where I invite those who believe as I do to participate. If you do not have money, that is fine. Just put $1 as a way of saying you are praying for this and believe in the cause. If you can do more or simply desire to put the word out with me, that would be great! Go to DrinkTheDivine.com and watch the video to learn more. There is no use having a platform like this if it only produces talk. Help me make a difference in the lives of the “least of these”. OK, that is all for that.

Welcome to another conversation this episode of WMB. First of all, Merry Christmas! Some of us love Christmas, some of us are more like Scrooge. Now, materialism and being forced to be at office parties with co-workers that are awkward or painful memories of loss all seem to make a fun soup for some this time of year. One of the myths of Advent–or the time of year we celebrate the coming of Christ to earth–is that it is all happy and merry.

My guests today explore this idea and debunk the myth the saccharine Christmas we are sold at Macy’s with the hope the Incarnation brings. Jesus, the Light of the World, came in the midst of darkness. On the backdrop of Machiavellian plots and infanticide, we retell the Advent story of Jesus being born of the heroic young girl Mary, heaven appearing to dirty and lower class shepherds and Jesus, the King of Kings invading the chamber of a barn.

Dunn & Wilt are with us today on WMB as part of our special Christmas show. I met  them on the Jersey Shore, well not the show but the place, in Ocean Grove NJ at the ForgeConference. The room of worship leaders were astounded at their Christmas worship service which was a well-crafted ancient yet modern liturgy. So, I had to share these guys with you. Besides artists, these gentlemen are experienced worship leaders and we hope to discuss some worship mythbusting things with them as we hear their story.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Christmas Show with special guests Dunn & Wilt”

  1. I commented on Rich’s blog yesterday and I want to say again, how much your words (including those of Dan and Jeremy) encourage me.  I have felt like a lone voice in my small world in Oregon, trying to get across the same things you all spoke of.  As a trained musician in all fields of music – choral to band, classical to jazz, piano or guitar driven –  and as a worship leader with over 25 years of experience, I want to be willing to let the next generation take that baton and run with it.  But when all I see around me are talented musicians who do nothing but imitate the recordings they hear, and the youtube videos they see, and who, more importantly, are not willing to expand their skills, or who even see the need to to do more than what they’re already doing — I must admit that I am not as optimistic about the future as Dan and Jeremy are.  However, I will pass on to them the links for this website and Rich’s blog site.  Perhaps, hearing it from you guys will make the difference.  Thanks.

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