Worship Mythbusters is a conversation hosted by blogger and worship leader Rich Kirkpatrick. We are dedicated to debunking damaging thinking about our worship in the local church. Are you ready to be challenged and join in the conversation?

We spend budget, time and resources into this weekend gathering we call worship. But, do we really know how to discuss it and get somewhere positive from that discussion?

WorshipMythbusters.com is a podcast and blog designed to help worship leaders, pastors and worshippers to discuss critically and biblicaly what churches do for their worship services and liturgy each week.

There are a lot of books, blogs and content about the grand scheme of what worship is, but there is very little critical thinking and practical application to how we apply that to our worship services each week.

This Socratic activity captured in a podcast hopefully will clarify your own language and facility when approaching worship services no matter what your perspective is–congregant, pastor or church musician.

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  1. My name is Joshua Ruff, I am a guitar luthier based in Kansas City, Missouri. I was wondering if I could connect with you to talk about our guitars and worship. You see, Atara is a brand new line of guitars that are handmade for the purpose of worship music. Our goal is to bring guitars of the highest quality into the worship music scene at a budget-friendly cost. Our heart is for worship. I would love to talk more in depth and for you to possibly interview us and maybe feature the interview in one of your blogs. Thank you so much for your heart for worship, your time, and your consideration.

    Blessings, Joshua Ruff at Atara Guitars

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