Episode #2: MYTH-Worship Leaders are NOT Teachers

Episode 2 Transcript

Are not worship leaders teachers? Do they not keep the attention of people and show, tell and act out in a way that instructs people in their faith and life?

Worship Leaders provide curriculum to spiritual pupils to assimilate and incorporate into their very lives through the music and content we select in the setting we facilitate.

This is important to think about, I believe, because if we view what we do as simply an experience that stays in the room, we are fooling ourselves. The consequence is that phrases of lyric, hints of attitude and visual messages will be carried with the congregation member as he or she leaves for the entire week. For better or worse, we are teachers. Continue reading “Episode #2: MYTH-Worship Leaders are NOT Teachers”

Episode #1: Are our worship services too “spiritual” or not human enough?

Show Notes: Episode 1 Transcript

What is worship mythbusting?

Happy New Year and welcome to the first official Worship Mythbusters posting here on worshipmythbusters.com. Worship Mythbusters is about debunking damaging thinking that gets in the way of our worship gatherings. Continue reading “Episode #1: Are our worship services too “spiritual” or not human enough?”