Drink The Divine – Some of you might be surprised at how good this EP actually is!

I am humbled by some of the feedback I have been receiving on my recent EP release “Drink The Divine.” As a blogger and writer, many of you have known that I lead worship and such. But, it is likely that few of you have heard of my original material. The five-song EP is offered FREE for you to download and share. Please, donate on Noisetrade, or purchase a copy on one of the available outlets such as iTunes or Amazon if you enjoy it. And, you my friends are the only distribution that I have, so spread the word!

Here are some very nice things people have said about the project! Continue reading “Drink The Divine – Some of you might be surprised at how good this EP actually is!”

Episode 15: Sacred Space – Mel McGowan of Visioneering Studios

mel mcgowan
Mel McGowan of Visioneering Studios

Show Notes:

Learn more about Mel McGowan and his work with Visioneering Studios with the links below.

This is Episode 15, July 2012.  

My name is Rich Kirkpatrick and you are listening to WorshipMythbusters. This podcast is about debunking popular thinking about worship that may be more myth than truth. Presenting a myth each episode, we employ the socratic method with guests from all over the world.

Sacred Spaces

Its not just an old piano, it’s a functional musical instrument that tells a story. It’s 100 year history is seen in the patina of the finish, and the scars on the ivory keys. By ship from San Francisco, via train from Chicago, this piano was brought to a city called Eureka up the coast in California where it lived a life of many years leading worship. Eventually it ended up in the church basement. Then a family rescued it. A musician played on it and composed music in his living room, leaving the rings of a coffee mug and other gentle scarring. It ended up in a storage unit, locked away in a garage for months after some hard transitions in life for the owner of this piano. It came time to empty out this storage unit. So, as a token of friendship he gave it to me as a special gift, only allowing me to pay him for the furniture dolly underneath. And, only after much insistence on my part. Continue reading “Episode 15: Sacred Space – Mel McGowan of Visioneering Studios”

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This podcast/blog has been updated and facelifted with Standard Theme 3.0. I already have moved my main blog, Rich Kirkpatrick’s Weblog to Standard Theme and it looks great. Now that 3.0 is out, I am happy to move WorshipMythbusters.com to the upgraded platform.

WordPress is a web 2.0, PHP-driven platform that is open-sourced and international. I self-host several sites. What makes WordPress work well is having a well-tuned theme chock full of features while being lean in the coding area. Thanks to the guys at 8BIT, the WordPress platform works so well for me.

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Free Webinar – The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: How to Staff 6 Roles That Will Grow Your Team

Worship Leader Media is putting on a webinar that I am excited to teach. There are only 50 spots, so get yours while they last. Here is a practical topic that I think will help worship leaders as they work through launch, growth, and maintenance of their teams. Continue reading “Free Webinar – The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: How to Staff 6 Roles That Will Grow Your Team”

Episode 13 – Worship Leader’s Dilemma: Is there a tension between the role we are asked to fill and the call we are meant to live?

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