A church resource community worship leaders should know of: copyrightcommunity.com

One of the most important reasons to blog is the community aspect of it. Those of us who work as volunteer and staff leaders in churches, as I have over the years, have places to go to discuss, learn and grow. This week I am featured in three blog posts on copyrightcommunity.com where I write a bit about copyrights from the perspective of church leaders.

Episode 12 – Christmas Show with special guests Dunn & Wilt


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EPISODE 11 – Tribute to Mentorship: Rita Springer Interview & Give Away

NEWS: Anson and Brittany are the 2 WINNERS of the CD Giveaway…check the comment section for instructions!


Episode 11 is packed full with powerful content, from an inspiring interview with the authentic worship leader and songwriter Rita Springer to a very personal tribute one of my mentors on this week of Thanksgiving. By the way, sorry for my Canadian friends who already had Thanksgiving and turkey–at least in North America we share some similar traditions, although in East San Jose growing up it seemed tamales or raviolis were as common as cranberry sauce. Let’s get right to the show and start with a tribute to a mentor of mine before we get to hear from Rita Springer, a mentor of worship leaders in her own right. Continue reading “EPISODE 11 – Tribute to Mentorship: Rita Springer Interview & Give Away”

NEWS: Christian Copyright Solutions Celebrates 10 Years with iPad 2 Giveaway

Copyrights can be a confusing thing, but complying is really something we should be above board about, right! Copyright Solver offers help for so many issues. If you cannot afford an administrative person at your church to handle copyright compliance for your events, video syncs and other creative communications then you are gonna love this company. And, they are celebrating 10 years with an iPad giveaway! Here are some tidbits from their press release. Click the image above or links below for more information about their services or giveaway. Continue reading “NEWS: Christian Copyright Solutions Celebrates 10 Years with iPad 2 Giveaway”

Worship Leader Magazine Editors Choose RKWeblog.com for “Best of the Best 2011″ Blog

I am grateful to the editors at Worship Leader Magazine for choosing RKWeblog as a “Best of the Best 2011” Blog with four other bloggers. (StephenBrewster.me, LarryTardy.com, DavidSantistevan.com and LoopCommunity.com/blog). Here is what they said about RKWeblog and Worship Mythbusters:

Rich Kirkpatrick is a worship leader and a tech steward. Versed in social networking, music, and leading, this is a perfect place for Web savvy WLs to plug in. Rich’s podcast, Worship Mythbusters is worth a stop on your next walk through the Web, as well.

Check out the other bloggers. I recommend them as well! With so many leaders and worthy sites, it is humbling to be mentioned. Thanks to my readers for participating in the conversation here and at RKweblog!