EPISODE 10: The Myth of the “Happy Clappy” (or Exclusively Positive, Upbeat Music in Major Keys)

This special version of Worship Mythbusters Podcast was recorded live on October 1st in Ocean Grove, New Jersey at The Forge Conference. The panel was made of up worship leaders and presenters from the conference.

  • Joel Klampert, a founder of Forge and local church worship leader from Rhode Island
  • Jeremy Dunn, worship leader and member of musical group Dunn and Wilt based in Nashville, TN
  • Alastair Vance, worship leader and church planter from North Carolina
  • Emily Schiavi, prophetic worship leader and songwriter from New York City
  • John Voelz, pastor, author and worship leader from Jackson, MI

The notes below are part of the source material that launched the panel discussion.

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Episode 9 – Church Tech Wars & the Myth that Leading Technically Is NOT Leading Spiritually

I could feel the tension. There was a tech war going on. This rehearsal in a new church had frustrated musicians demanding EQ settings, monitor level changes and lighting fast reaction from the audio engineer. The stage was barking back at the booth. The booth was scowling at the stage. The “us and them” mentality was clearly present and one thing I knew I had to tackle as soon as possible. A full on Tech War was in place. Continue reading “Episode 9 – Church Tech Wars & the Myth that Leading Technically Is NOT Leading Spiritually”

NEWS: Emilie Kirkpatrick Kickstarter.com Project “My Oh My” EP

Here is some exciting news:  I am very excited to announce my daughter’s Kickstarter.com project “My Oh My”! It is an inspiring thing to see a teenager dream and then take steps to live out that dream. Over the past years many of you have seen my little girl Emilie grow up by watching this blog. This is an amazing and challenging next step for Emilie to take in her emerging career as a singer-songwriter and artist. Please take the time go here and help make a dream reality!

Episode #8 – The Myth of the Quick Fix, Joel Klampert & ForgeCON


The Myth of the Quick Fix

Could it be that the most simple and achievable investment is discarded for the myth of the quick fix?


Here’s a story.

I was a young adult working in a large church as their interim worship leader. Our Sunday night service did not have drummer. It was sparsely attended and our main drummers on the roster were not interested. Then I was introduced to a teen named Sean. He had a huge heart, but could barely keep time and his playing was about as stiff as you could imagine, too. Sean, however, wanted to learn. Continue reading “Episode #8 – The Myth of the Quick Fix, Joel Klampert & ForgeCON”

The House Concert/Africa Mission Event is ONLINE for those not able to be there LIVE

Watch live streaming video from rkweblog at livestream.com

If you cannot make it live to our House Concert/Africa Mission event Sunday night May 22 at 6:30pm PST in Murrieta (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171995142856547) you can watch this embedded video here and see us LIVE online. You will be able to login Facebook or Twitter and chat live and interact with us. To go directly to the link, go to http://www.livestream.com/rkweblog/.